On Sea Sunday churches all over the world come together to remember seafarers and pray for them, their families and those who support them. The Mission to Seafarers needs your prayers and support for all merchant crews and their families on Sea Sunday 2016, to continue our vital work for those in need.

“The Mission to Seafarers works tirelessly to provide help and hope to seafarers in distress in 50 countries worldwide. In 200 ports, from Southampton to Sydney, every day the world’s 1.5 million crew men and women look out for the Mission’s ‘Flying Angel’ flag. The Mission is universally trusted to be of service for everyday problems and in maritime emergencies. Please help the Mission by holding a Sea Sunday service this year.”

The Revd Andrew Wright, Secretary General

“This year is The Mission to Seafarers’ 160th Anniversary and we are celebrating Sea Sunday on 10 July to give thanks for Mission work then and now.”

Today we give thanks for the work and inspiration of The Mission to Seafarers and our founder, Revd John Ashley. For all who have heard God’s call to build his kingdom amongst seafarers and who have stepped out in faith, not knowing quite where the journey might lead.

Please join us in July on Sea Sunday and download your celebration packs today.

For 2016 we are sending all our supporting churches a pack of materials
for your Sea Sunday service. You do not need to order specific
numbers for each type of material. If you run out of anything,
please do email us for more supplies to be sent to you.